*All New & Returning families

are welcome to enroll

  • Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 school year. 

    We are in the process of updating our school information & tuition system. This means we must enroll students differently (only for this school year). Please read below.

    *If you are a Returning Family from the 2018-2019 school year (Preschool - 11th) you may pre-enroll with the link below in Step 1

    *If you are a New Family our enrollment is not available yet. You can fill out THIS information form so that we can put you on the intrest list. We will call and email you the application link when our new systems are ready. 

    Filling out the information form does place you on the class list. In order to save your students spot in the class must complete enrollment. 

    Enrollment is completed by filling out the application (on our new system and paying the application fee) then we will invoice you for the enrollment fee through our new tuition system. Once the enrollment fee is paid your students slot is saved.  

    We hope to have our new system ready by the end of March. 


    LINK - Re-enrollment Pre-application

    (This is the first step to the re-enrollment process you will also need to submit a full application on our FACTS SIS System when it is available) Submitting this application lets us know you want to re-enroll and we will put your student(s) on the re-enrollmet list.



    Q: When can I pay the application and enrollment fees?

    A: When the new enrollment system is ready. (Our expected launch is mid-end of March 2019)

    FACTS LINK(coming soon)

    If you filled out the short application we will email you the link when our new student and tuition systems are ready. 

    FACTS Tuition System - F.A.Q.

    All FCS families are required to create a Parent Web account. 

    This parent account will give you access to 3 FACTS systems.

    1. FACTS SIS (Student Information System) (will take the place of Quickschools)

    2. FACTS TUITION (will take the place of FreshBooks)

    3. FACTS GRANT & AID is what we use currently and will continue to use to apply for scholarships.

    Our new FACTS systems will be available with 1 log-in (unlike our current systems). Also, the new Tuition system will allow us to invoice for: Tuition, Lunches, Extended Care, Field Trips, Spirit Wear, PE Clothes, and many other incidentals that we can not currently invoice for with Freshbooks.

    If you have any questions please call the school office

    or email Mrs. Angela

  • Information on Application and Enrollment Fees

    Application fee - Once you can create a parent log-in to our new FACTS SIS system, you will be able to fill out the full student application. When the application is completed you will need to pay the $50.00 application fee per family.

    Enrollment Fee - Once you have completed your FACTS SIS online application you will then be required to set up a FACTS Tuition account where you will choose your tuition payment plan. It will take a few days for your payment plan and application to be processed. Once it is processed you will receive an invoice from FACTS for the enrollment fee. You can pay the invoice online with your checking account. See the steps to set up the payment plan HERE.

    Finance Fees - When using your checking or savings account (ACH Payment) to pay for tuition and other incidentals through FACTS there is not a fee.

    If you use your credit card to pay any invoices through FACTS, you will be charged a 2.8% fee from FACTS.